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Characteristics Melting Point Acid Number Saponification Number
Slightly tacky. Color varies from yellow to brown. From 62 to 65 degrees Centigrade 17 to 24 From 89 to 103

Produced by bees from the pollen of a wide variety of flowers, beeswax has been used in art and industry for thousands of years. Chemical analysis of ancient cave paintings has shown that our distant ancestors used beeswax to produce the world's first art and written history. Today, sculptors still use beeswax in the lost wax process-- as do dental lab technicians and jewelers. The wax's ability to burn long and clearly has for centuries made beeswax the favorite of candle makers.

Today the cosmetics industry is the largest user of beeswax, where it is used in the manufacture of lotions, lipsticks, suntan lotions, sun screens, and cold creams.

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