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Montan Acid Wax S - Product Specifications
Acid Value: (MG KOH/g)1 135-160
Saponification Value: (mg KOH/g)1 155-180
Dropping Point (ºC):1 80-87
Solidification Point (ºC):2 72-80
Viscosity/120 (ºC): (mPas)2 ca. 10-15
Density: (g/cm3)2 1,00-1,02
Penetration Value: (dmm)2 ca. 1
Color: 2 pale yellow
Physical Form: flakes, pastilles
and powder
Lubricant for plastics, solvents for dye bases, emulsion polishes, car polishes, coatings for paper and wood.
1 Part of delivery specifications.
2 Any additional information concerning typical value is not part of the product specification.

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